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No more loadshedding this weekend says Eskom

Having had to deal with loadshedding since Tuesday afternoon, South Africans will be pleased to hear that Eskom will suspend power cuts this weekend.

The utility announced on Thursday that loadshedding would be dropped to Stage 1 but that is no longer the case.

“After recovering three generation units overnight, Eskom is pleased to announce that the supply constraints have eased sufficiently to allow for the suspension of loadshedding. This also means no loadshedding is anticipated for the rest of the weekend,” Eskom said in a power alert early on Friday.

As of 06:00 on Friday morning unplanned breakdowns have removed 8 750MW from the grid while planned maintenance means 4 500MW is offline.

While this is a massive improvement on the 12 100MW that was out of commission due to unplanned maintenance on Thursday, Eskom has reiterated that South Africans should use electricity sparingly.

This is because loadshedding could return at any moment due to Eskom’s tired and aging infrastructure.

Enjoy the weekend without loadshedding folks.