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SmartGen Controller

We stock the 420N, 6120 and 7220 range of SmartGen controllers. These controllers are reliable, durable and when configured correctly give your generator effective operation, precise monitoring of operating parameters and a host of protection capabilities.

This series of SmartGen controllers integrate digitalisation, intelligence, and network technology. The controllers can operate in extreme temperature conditions with the help of a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) or liquid crystal display (LCD) and the components that resist extreme temperature. The generator controllers have a strong resistance to anti-electromagnetic interference and can be used under a complex electromagnetic interference environment. They are easy to maintain and upgrade due to the plug-in terminal.


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HGM9420N_HGM9420LT genset controller applies 32-bit microprocessor technology, realising precise measuring of many parameters, such as value adjusting, timing and threshold adjusting functions. A majority of parameters can be adjusted from the front panel. All parameters can be adjusted through a USB or RS485 port on a PC. The controller fits with an SAE J1939 port, which can communicate with multiple ECU (Engine Control Unit) units with J1939. With compact structure, simple wiring, and high reliability, it can be used in various genset automation systems.

HGM9420N_HGM9420LT SmartGen controller can connect with an SGE02-4G network communication expansion module, which connects the genset connected to the internet. After the controller is logged in a cloud server, it can upload the data information (includes GPS positioning site, altitude etc.) at real-time to the corresponding cloud server. Users can monitor and check the generator’s running status and event log at real-time by a mobile app (IOS or Android), or PC similar terminal device. Network communication module has an SMS message function.

HGM7200/7100A series genset controllers are used for genset automation and monitor control system of a single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measure, alarm protection and ‘three remote’ (remote control, remote measuring and remote communication). The controller adopts a large LCD display and includes Chinese, English and other language interfaces with easy and reliable operation capabilities.

HGM7200/7100A SmartGen controller adopts 32 bits micro-processor technology with precision parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, time setting and threshold adjusting. The majority of parameters can be set using the front panel and all the parameters can be set using a PC (through a USB port) and can be adjusted and monitored with the help of RS485 ports. It can be used in a number of the automatic genset control systems with compact structure, simple connections and high reliability.

We stock SmartGen ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)Battery Chargers and Block Water Heater.

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