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We are the sole agents for the entire range of StromerPower generator alternators in sub Saharan Africa. We have been supplying the alternator market with alternators ranging from 12kVa – 1000kVa for over 15 years. The StromerPower generator alternator brand has built a reputation for stable, reliable and durable power generation in South Africa and across the continent.

All diesel generator sets produced by The Generator King are fitted by default with StromerPower generator alternators.


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The factory has been providing world-class alternators and power generation solutions since 1955 with the vision of becoming a leading manufacturer of world-class alternator products.

The factory has built alternators that are used as the main power supply for three major satellite launch bases, for a power station in Antarctica, and for a spacecraft series.

The products are thoroughly tested in different environments to ensure quality and reliability. We verify overall performance and align with most internationally recognised standards.

Generator Alternators | StromerPower Factory

The contract manufacturing facility exists to research, produce and ship specialized alternators, and provide customers with after-sale service. The factory floor area is over 30,000 square meters, focused on quality, reliability and performance. The alternators designed by StromerPower utilise the latest technology standards in brushless alternators. Every aspect of product development from material-selection, manufacturing processes and quality control testing are all done to the highest standards. Our alternators meet the international standards IEC60034,NEMA MG1-32,CSAC22.


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