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The Generator AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is at the heart of devices called power stabilisers. These units will often be combined with one or more other power quality components like a surge protector that will stop the power surge from damaging the electronic components of the unit. It can also be combined with a short circuit protection or circuit breaker to switch the power off should there be dangerous fluctuations. They will help with phase to phase voltage balancing which prevents unwanted phase imbalance which can damage the generator or alternator.


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The unit needs replacement if your generator is running and not producing any output. The biggest cause of a Generator AVR becoming defective is having an unbalanced load. The original automatic voltage regulators were electromechanical systems but modern-day voltage regulators use a solid-state device. This feedback control system measures the output voltage of the generator, compares it with a set point and generates an error signal that is used to adjust the excitation of the generator. As the excitation current in the field winding of the generator increases, the terminal voltage of the generator also increases.

All these units are used to ensure that the AVR and generator work harmoniously. Problems are suppressed before they can develop.

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