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How do I install a generator?

When thinking about how to install a generator there are a few key factors to consider. All installations need to be undertaken by a suitably qualified electrician, preferably with experience working with large generator sets as this a specialised field of operation. The generator must be large enough to run the power requirement and the

Moving a Generator to my site?

There are a few key considerations when moving a generator to your site. We take a look at some of these below: For customers that have large enough vehicles to collect their own generator, we can assist with loading the set at our premises up to 200kva. Generator sets larger than 200kva need to be

What size generator do I need?

The most important step in buying a generator is correctly sizing your generator to serve your needs today and in the future. You need to ensure you can power all of your equipment when the power goes out but you’ll want to make sure to keep your running costs at an optimal level, but how do you know what size generator you need?

Where do I position the generator?

Knowing where to position the generator is an important factor to consider. We take a look at some of the factors to think about when placing the generator. To reduce the installation cost it is better to position the generator as close as possible to the circuit board to reduce the amount of copper cable