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The Ultimate Compilation of South African Loadshedding Jokes

It’s load-shedding time again in South Africa, this time because of strikes. This compilation of loadshedding jokes was first published on a Saturday night in June 2015)… and here we are three years later! It was updated on Monday 18 June 2018. For more of December 2018’s loadshedding jokes, view here: Top 10 South African Loadshedding / Load Shedding Jokes for 2018

We can’t bring you light…but we can bring you light-heartedness. Here is a compilation of all the best jokes that have been sent in to SAPeople. Hope it helps!

From a load shedded South African: “Supper looks good tonight.”LOL! With typical SA humour, South Africans find a lot to laugh out loud about!

Taking a selfie in South Africa during loadshedding! Submitted by Alan RudnickiSent in by Libuse Young – “South Africa’s new lightbulb.”South Africa’s new National Anthem, sent in by Eleonora MattheySent in by Lynn Elizabeth-Anne ElsSent in by Gamida SoekerSent in by Eve Dupavillon‎

Submitted by Carlos Da Silva‎

Submitted by Jeanette Bergoff Snr‎

Watch Video: A Girl’s Step-by-Step Guide to Coping with Load Shedding! By Ursula Botha.

Remember some of the Good Things that have come from Load Shedding (2015):
1. Restaurants are stepping up

Take a look at the “Eskom Menu” that Die Damhuis in the Western Cape put out…

2. Romance is heating up

Photo: Robyn Gwilt – “Full Moon over Kalk Bay, taken from Fish Hoek – #TakeThatEskom!”

3. We now have the perfect excuse to braai more often

4. South Africans are being more Innovative and Ingenious!

5. There’s a lot more Loving going on…

6. Our diet has just got a whole lot better. Salads don’t need cooking.

7. It’s quite entertaining…

8.We’re spending more ‘real’ time together!

9. It can bring out the best in us…

Thank you to everyone who sent in jokes, messages and contributed to this page – Lyn Sproule, Marie’ Vivier, Alan Rudnicki, Nicole Odette Whindus Botha, Mark Townsend, Lee Wilson, Yvonne Bowdidge‎, Farhana Sadek, Jon Plowman, Johan le Roux, Kajil Tilak, Petina Munroe and many more…

Song: Ag Please Eskom – the joys of loadshedding

Here’s a Loadshedding tribute song from Nikki Horn, aka TheNixter, whose previous South African-style Christmas carols went viral during the festive season. Based on Jeremy Taylor’s ‘Ag Pleez Deddy’.

Load Shedding Song 2015 – Hours Of Darkness

– by Shrish Viyas Hargoon, based on Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence”.


Top 10 South African Loadshedding / Load Shedding Jokes for 2018