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Eskom to implement stage 2 load shedding at 9pm

Stage 2 loadshedding to continue until Saturday

Eskom has announced that stage 2 power cuts will continue until Saturday morning.

The power outage was initially set to end on Wednesday, however, according to Eskom, there seem to be a high number of units tripping simultaneously leading to the poor performance of the power utility, and that has resulted in the extension of the loadshedding.

Eskom’s Chief executive, Philip Dukashe has said that the backlog, maintenance and issue of skills are some of the problems challenging Eskom.

“These are problems caused by maintenance failure but not negligence or ‘sabotage’ leading to the power utility’s failure,” said Dukashe.

Eskom says power plants are operating at more than 21 000 MW loss, and they are still dealing with the backlog in maintenance

This article originally appeared on News24

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