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South Africa urged to prepare for load shedding

Published by Lucinda Dordley on

South Africans can expect another candlelit night as Eskom has announced it would implement Stage 2 load shedding between 4pm and 10pm on Tuesday, August 18.

In addition, there is also load shedding scheduled for Wednesday, August 19.

“Stage 2 will again be implemented from 9am until 10pm tomorrow [August 19],” the power utility added. “Yesterday [August 17], six generators returned to service at Medupi, Tutuka, Kendal, Majuba and Grootevlei power stations.”

Four units broke down overnight and an unexpected delay in service caused by a Medupi generator has resulted in constraints on the power system.

“Any further deterioration in the generation performance may, therefore, necessitate the escalation of loadshedding at short notice,” the public enterprise said.

“We urge the people of South Africa to help reduce electricity usage in order to assist Eskom to reduce the instance of loadshedding and keep the lights on.”

Picture: Pixabay