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Loadshedding Stage 2 starts again at 08:00, continues to 22:00

South Africans will have to contend with another day of power cuts as Stage 2 loadshedding is set to continue.

While it’s not going to make much of a difference, Eskom has managed to reduce unplanned breakdowns from 11 655MW to 11 425MW. Like we said, it’s not going to make much of a difference but it’s something. There is also 4 983MW out due to planned maintenance.

The unplanned outages are largely due to ten generation units suffering breakdowns.

Rather worringly, Eskom has warned that there is a “high probability that additional stages of loadshedding may be implemented at short notice.”

With this in mind we recommend checking your schedule beyond Stage 2 and prepare for more power cuts. Rainy weather in some parts of the country will not be helping Eskom.

You can visit this link to find out how to check your loadshedding schedules online.

Alternatively the EskomSePush app for Android or iOS smartphones delivers notifications regarding loadshedding directly to your smartphone.

[Image – CC 0Pixabay]