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Not all Generator Batteries are made equal and a car battery won’t last for very long inside a generator set. There are different voltages, sizes, and ratings that we apply to every different size of generator we produce. Every type serves a specific functionality. We stock batteries that are correctly specified to serve your specific generator. Contact one of our professional sales staff to spec the correct battery for your application.



The main role of batteries is to provide power to the generator engine starter with power when a facility power outage occurs. Depending on the configuration of the generator system setup, batteries can also provide:

• Power to the digital control panel.
• During generator operation, battery power can provide power to ancillary panes, small motors that operate on DC current and any DC supplied device within the enclosure.
• If a secondary or redundant battery set is used in an enclosure, the primary source can provide backup power to the secondary or redundant set.
• Automatic louvers and vents are powered by an AC source. When the system automatic transfer switch allows power to the grid, power is routed to vents and louvers.

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